Welcome To Earth Star Healing Center

Welcome To Earth Star Healing Center

About Lelie:

I am a mom, a pet owner, an artist, a jewelry maker, and Energy Healer, an animal communicator and an Old Soul doing my best to traverse life in 3 D and beyond.

I used to have a store in Old Town, Fort Collins called One World Imports. (1992-1998).

I closed the store to travel the country with Standing Elk/ Chief Golden Light Eagle and help coordinate Star Knowledge Conferences from 1997-2000.

We put on a lot of conferences during those years.

I started Earth Star in Mid Town Fort Collins in 2000.

It was called Earth Star Creations and later Earth Star.

We evolved again and Earth Star Healing Center became a web based business in 2009 when it became too expensive to rent in town and I moved back to my house to raise my son.

A lot has happened the past few years (2019-2022). My Mother took her Journey April 4, 2021, Chief Golden Light Eagle took his journey July 18, 2021. I took time off to Ground and Center and ask Creator and the Grandmothers what I was supposed to do.

I am currently rebuilding my websites, writing blog posts and sharing the messages and rabbit holes that have been keeping me busy.

I have distance sessions available for my regular clients and for animals. I also do House Clearing locally or book appointments for distance clearing.

I will be teaching classes in the future on zoom and will have our Art Play/ Art Journal Zoom class going soon.

If you have questions or are looking for a particular product

please email me at lelie@earthstarstore.com or text me at 970-599-2540.

We are all here to support each other on our path. We all have gifts and life experiences to share.

Mitakuye Oyasin, We Are All Related.






Social Media:

Facebook: Under Lelie Carroll https://www.facebook.com/leliecarroll/

Facebook: Earth Star Healing Center: https://www.facebook.com/earthstarhealingcenter

Telegram: Spiritual Seekers On Planet Earth: https://t.me/sspiritualseekersonplanetearth

Down The Rabbit Hole with Luna: https://t.me/downtherabbitholewithlunachat

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