Healing Sessions /Distance Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions /Distance Healing Sessions

All of the Healing Sessions available at Earth Star are here. Please scroll down or browse the pages for more information and to book an appointment.

Distance Healing Sessions are available Monday- Saturday from 9 am- 6 pm.

Distance Healing Sessions for Animals:
I have found that cats and high anxiety dogs have a better healing experience  when I work on them  from my healing room. 

I can feel the animal on my surrogate animal and can often pin point pain and injury more clearly.

I ask all clients to have an open mind. I can connect energetically and telepathically with your animal and help them on their healing journey. 
Distance Healing Sessions are available for Animals and People. (two leggeds and four leggeds and of course all members of the animal kingdom.)
Distance Healing Sessions include Energy Balance and repair using Healing Touch For Animals techniques. Animal Communication and Emotion Code, helps to clear past trauma and present stress. Essential Oils, and other techniques are added when needed. 

We specialize in Energy Balance and Emotional Clearing. 
Distance Sessions are approximately one hour long. Sessions start at $44 an hour.
New Clients Sessions are $33.

Please Note:We ask that all of our clients see a doctor or take their animal to the vet for a proper diagnosis. We work with doctors and vets to help facilitate positive change in our two legged and four legged clients ( and all animals of course ).

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