Answers from the Spirit World

Answers from the Spirit World

Rebirth of the Planetary Logos

Wesak May 26/27 2021? Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Moon of the Tree ,Christ Consciousness Return to the Planet? 

2-23-21 Tuesday
The energy in the room is so much love. So much love it makes you cry. 
We have been waiting so long for this, this time, this energy, this rebirth- the second coming the New Earth, New Millennium. I’m in tears just sobbing because of the love, the connection to all here- we have been waiting so long for this- lifetimes and all of this lifetime- 58 years- and to know it is just around the corner is amazing. Such a lonely existence knowing that we had to keep our energies pure- high frequency and vibration and now cue the monks on the ipod- Dean Evanson- Nepal/Tibet the lamas and the Tulku – the Holy ones have returned in full embodiment in the human bodies- so many Masters and beings of light in human form to come to earth to assist this Birth. 

This rebirth of the Planetary Logos- a changing of the guard. How could anyone understand unless they felt it- really experienced it in human form. The veils of forgetfulness make this journey difficult because there are some who cannot get beyond the veil. So many have, they and those Souls help awaken the others to the truth. Yes the grand journey to enlightenment is a convoluted journey indeed. Twists and turns and choices- so many choices all we can do is stand and watch and try to guide the unawakened to the truth. You have Free Will  you have the choice to awaken to your Soul Mission your Soul Journey or NOT.

We do our best to put the information out there in a way that you can find it. Codes in  books and names and pictures and in words you can understand. We bring you the coincidences, the synchronicity, the ah hah moments the words in song and books and thoughts. So many of us trying to snap them  out of their  delirium- the fog-the veil- you have not taken this journey by mistake, by coincidence or happenstance. You CHOSE to come here at this time to help with this BIRTH- this rebirth of the Planetary Logos.
The Planetary energy as we shift into the higher dimensions- the higher realms of existence- some call it En-LIght- En- Ment like a relighting of a candle or the sun reappearing after long period of storms or clouds or darkness.

It is all as it should be- no mistakes- nothing wrong but so convoluted sometimes- near miss- wrong turn- paths taken that change everything but you heard us- you found the clues- you are putting it together in such a beautiful way- you can’t shout it out to the masses- the programming prevents them from hearing the message. You can only reach a few but that energy ripples out into the cosmos- the Universe as you know it is all connected and all related in this beautiful fractal consciousness. 

You heard the call, you saw the signs placed like bread crumbs on the path and you continue to follow the white rabbit. How amazing that Alice in this story really connects to Alice In Wonderland in so many ways. The lineage of those who listen to the words of God/Creator/Spirit the chords of the cosmos, written in love, on the Universal Waves of Consciousness. Yes Alice, even Mimsy, lights the spark of conscious awareness. There is always that spark, that point of light in the darkness. The flame eternal that lights the way for those  who are seeking. 

You listened to our voices. You have the connection through lifetimes of connection to the purity of light, to love. Dear one your lost your way so many times lost in the love you felt, the beautiful spirits who were still damaged by their past, their childhoods of abuse and neglect and fear and anger. You needed to know that there was still a spark within that you could feel but you did not understand that it was not YOUR job to fix them. You found the ones that held the spark of Creator within that knew the truth but alas they lost themselves in the negativity of the energy on the planet at this time. It was all a learning curve and it still is. It is ok to work through the fears and doubts and know in your heart you seek the light with another, and this time you will  not be lost. 

Lets get to the truth, cut to the chase, you were told at 22- yes 22- your life purpose number the 22/4 that you would see the Second Coming and it would be a spiritual experience for you. You laughed because you were angry at God. You walked away from God who made the woman who raised you suffer so after being in service her entire life. How could a God of Love do such a thing? But it was not up to God, it was up to her. We cannot take away the life lessons, the experiences that each Soul agrees to experience. The good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow. 

You now know that death is an awakening for others, just as it was for you. Dennis’s death will awaken many and that is good. It is time and his love, his laughter, his joy was palpable. People felt it the moment they met him. His presence in a room made them smile, made everyone feel something special. 

You feel that so many sparks of light that left the planet diminished the light here but that is not true. They leave with a tiny bit of regret or sadness to leave the collective behind but they hold the light for you on the other side. They have the memory of life on Earth and can send you love and light when needed to help anchor it there. Do not get too caught up in the drama  of the darkness because that is not for you- many did and went into anger and hatred and joined with the energy of the negativity. 

Do not rage at the dying of the light- it is the death of the old ways- the negativity. It had to play out. We are not here to fix or make better, we simply had to allow the factors in play to play out. We do not have total control of all the factors. We put it into play,and watch life unfold in such a beautiful way- but there are so many factors  beyond our control. We must allow through the Free Will Directive to allow it to happen. You heard the call, so many hear the call and lined up again to come and assist. So now you stand  on the Earth at this time and await the birth. The Rebirth of love and light the true essence of Christ Consciousness- the light to return to the places of darkness. You all played your roles so well- lost and found and here and gone. Some so connected and some so lost, time now to stand in your power, to hold the light. 

Planetary Logos- Word-The Overseer of a Cosmic Being. 
You have the pieces of the puzzle, brought through so many, placed in your consciousness in so many ways. Like in the old days, you would go to the library and go to the card catalog. You look up a word and then find the books that have the word in it. You went to your library and found the books. They have been there all along and you will realize that you heard the word before in many books but now you can access them here and in this way. We are your card catalog, your reference books, your encyclopedia. The Akashic Records, the Akasha is the energetic card catalog, the library of eternal thought and action. 

You have access to everything and everyone who ever existed at the time you seek the truth. Many cannot access this information because they BELIEVE they cannot. You know how hard it is to believe in yourself to know that you can access the energetic record of eternal life- kind of overwhelming in so many ways. You access the information but still have to prove that is it true by the reference of the books on earth at this time that share the words and the messages that say the same thing. You know that only in this way- this transmission- that you have the purity of thought, of truth, but again its placed in your consciousness and translated in words onto this page. You are the translator of Universal thoughts- of frequency, of energy. You create the Sacred space to bring it through. Do not get lost in the words only know that you have access to this living library- this Akasha – at any time you desire. 

ok back to Planetary Logos…simply put, there must be a structure in place to hold the energy. One must simply put the energetic construct in order so there is no chaos. This is a place holder- energetic not linear. Creator and Creation cannot be in charge of everything so there are collectives, councils and beings that volunteer to be the overseer of the creation. 
So yes Planetary Logos is personal or energetic- an energy- a placeholder so to speak- and a being- a part of the collective to help keep and eye on things. There is no ONE person or being in charge of it ALL. 

So when you asked why you are here- why you met Stuart at this time- you are Divine Complements- Alpha Omega- twin souls- twin aspects- the Divine Masculine, The Divine Feminine in human form. It does not matter where you are- what you believe- how you drink your coffee- it is all agreement you made long before you were birthed into existence to be HERE at this time. To experience this BIRTH like any birth- the family gathers to be there for the emergence of the Soul into the world. You are here now for the birth of this Planetary Logos. This return to the light- this birth of a new age. A new time, a new earth. nothing now is as it has been- so now the Christ Consciousness Vibration can return- there are enough souls on earth to support the energy to hold the light and the love. You know many have come before in different people – souls. it is not one man one soul it is the frequency the energy ( light was shining on the page when i wrote the word frequency) 

So these dates, events, timeline markers are put in place to show you the way. signs, breadcrumbs on  a path you do the Ceremony- hold the space- awaken the energy in an area that has been shut down and it lights up the path for others. It is NOT up to one person. It is up to the individual to feel, hear, see the message and be drawn to the place- like Chaco, Stone Henge. In the future you will take people to these places to help them turn on their lights- assist them with their awakening. 

So 11:11, Solara, Eagle, and all those before them. The Earth guardians, the place holders, Ascended Masters, Buddhas the Beings of light, they had their human experience or their role in the cosmic game, theatre what ever you want to call it. Many here, You and your Star Family, Soul Family so the message  is a memory an aspect of their awakening- that spark so it is all markers of time in the no time as you might call it. 

Planetary Logos rebirth is the marker in time  in this year and the years to come to bring the light- the energy of Love the Christ Consciousness Vibration back to Earth. It was always here but now can be anchored here held here to lock it in. Renewal, rebirth-  new time, new age- New earth. So its not the day that the energy returns as it never left its just another marker in time

Wesak- word ( look it up) means nothing to you but means everything to others. ask, seek the meaning for yourself. who is buddha? the energetic imprint of a manor a deity or a being in human form or not that also chose to awaken- to walk the path of life on earth to incarnate- some in human form- some only in Spirit- to embody the essence of enlightenment. all who seek enlightenment miss the point of human experience- we came from Creator we are creation so we are already enlightened beings that came here to experience being human lol so why do you seek what you are already? because you forgot and you believe what you were told as a child or a student. So lol cosmic joke
so wesak moon- look up word and whybuddha’s birthday- which buddha ? sidhartha
tree moon tree of life sacred tree eternal memory holder of history in roots and rings like Grandmother tree- keeper of the history- akasha energy spirals out to all trees- sit under a tree- Sherwyns message. 

We came in as enlightened beings but we forgot so we go through life trying to remember but are activated by people and places and books and life experiences to wake up to the truth. There is no enlightenment simply a return to the truth of who we are- cosmic joke indeed. 

The following came in after the main message. I often have notes, links, random information to look at later. I am sharing it because we all have a piece of the puzzle.

so wesak may 26-27 is

9 blood moon lunar eclipse wake up call

blood moon lunar eclipse would certainly get your attention!!

red is the color of enlightenment- red road- red moon- red color the Spirit sees- red means? 

1986? 1987< Harmonic convergence,1992 11:11,1995 symbols, 1996 star k 1997 sacred hoop

New Planetary Logos- Christ Consciousness Embodiment Marker in time

5-26-2021=18=9                           5-27-2021=19=1                           

Alice Bailey p. 366 “Rays and The Initiations”

Story of Buddha

When Demons fell to Earth- Dark time- piscean agefall of man- Shambala -went into Etheric- left planet-fall of man- loss of connection to Heart- CC work to reach fallen man. bring fallen man into enlightenment understanding of CC heart- love

when CC understanding returns Shambala retuns to earth“ emergence of the hierarchy into the world of man”

Humanity could now produce its enlightened ones Christ- second ray love wisdom The Manu- first ray of will or power

The Mahachohan-third ray of active intelligence- Chohans of light 11:11Rebirth of Humanity CCinter-connectedness of all

one with all- Creation- Creator
Second Coming- CC returns Awakening humanity- Spirit in Human Form Connection to all that is Heaven on Earth  Markers in time link 1987,1992,1996,2012 

1987 Harmonic convergence path of our awakening return of CC  

Follow the path, REMEMBER who we are,  where we came from, why we are here. 

stand in our divinity soul and spirit 

hold the light- hold the door for others to see to awaken to the truth 

continue with the awakening process for others  no more no less no EGO  simply awake vs asleep- no hierarchy -that is block

when you realize that you are one with creator and creation no blocks 

bring along as many as you can awaken in a way that is familiar- so many ways 

language to spark memory  

same with dark side- want to take as many- Harvest  so continue on with our path.

life- evolution of soul  but remember we are already God/Creator/ Creation don’t get lost in the details. 

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