Answers from the Spirit World

Answers from the Spirit World

Message from the New Earth Collective Consciousness

5:55 am on 2-26-21
The whale song was playing as I reconnected my Hara this morning. I kept the music going today instead of starting from the beginning like I usually do. (Dean Evanson healing music playlist) Whales and waves on the shore. The moon was over the foothills as I walked over here this morning. So bright and beautiful in the dark sky. The moonlight over the snow- cold but beautiful. 

5:55 the Star time- I like 5:55 am. still and quiet and I am half awake and more receptive because my mind has not kicked in…still the songs in my head- Kate Bush and Dulcimer because that is all I have been listening to the past few days…and of course Dean Evanson in the Healing Room. 
The hardest part for me is bringing in the now- the “ What happens now?” What are we supposed to do now? What should we do now?

Right now the Old Guard, the old energy is throwing everything  it can at the people of Earth. They have to let you know what they are doing or will do, so they show you in movies, books etc.   In that way you agree to it because you do not say no- Remember they are not Creation, they simply take what already exists and change it or turn it upside down- the REAL upside down. They must honor the Free Will of the people. The Free Will Directive that we speak about- that directive is your wild card. Your OUT so to speak. Your protection when things are happening against your Free Will or desires. 

So now they show you their true colors. They have to and if you allow the upside down to continue  the Circus Clown Show – they are showing you what you can expect if you continue on the 3 D timeline. In a way it is perfect because there is no deception- all is on the table- all the plans- the plan for enslavement of the human race- total control of the people. So by putting the cards on the table they give you the opportunity to choose. Do you want to stay in 3D reality or do you want to continue on the path of enlightenment? the way of light and love , return to the Creator Connection- choice is for each individual to make- You know there is a huge divide- a split in belief.

You have tried so hard to wake people up- to put the horror, the truth in front of people and it was somewhat successful but now is the time to SHOW them the potential. Yes the Centers that are spoken of in Solara’s books and Starseed Transmission. It is not to create a space for a few- it is to create a space to show all a potential. The creative community in the midst of the 3 D reality. A space held in a higher frequency- your own Shamballa – Sacred space, Ceremony space to hold the higher frequencies – an island- an oasis in the midst. 

Years ago in Sedona many spoke of these communities away from civilization. A place for the few, the awakened or enlightened ones could live in peace and harmony. We say that separation is not the answer. You place, your community needs to be  in the public eye. A place where they can come and join you. Participate and share and learn so they can take what they learn and do the same at home. The energy will ripple out from the center- the Altar and those newly awakened souls will feel the energy- feel drawn to your energy and the energy of the community center. 

Earth Star has always held the light- you have always held the light- within your heart and soul and DNA- the energy ripples from there throughout the area. This is the CENTER. The energy emenates from here. The hardest part of all of this is TIME. You want it all NOW. immediately and you see it done. That is good, you hold the vision, you hold the energy and that is the first step. You must understand that this is the gestation process. You plant the seed and give it time to grow. Patience dear one, is one of the greatest and hardest lessons to learn, for all of you. The time construct is unfamiliar to us- that has been the challenge in the communication with the world on the other side of the veil. We are in NO TIME we do not grow old- we do not need the things that are so important to you on earth at this lower density. 
Patience dear one, the vision is anchored on the Star Altar outside and inside  your heart. All of these dreams, the view from the minds eye are in place- now is time to manifest it in the present density. This winter was the time of inner work- calm, quiet, contemplation, connection to us, and the heart.  Soon the springtime, the season of rebirth and renewal will be upon you. The garden of your dreams and vision and desire. ( 6:22)

Almost every time is a master number. You asked for the synchronicity- you asked for the signs. You ARE in the flow of energy of creation and intention. is it not perfect synchronicity? The  Whales sing while you write this message. That the waves quietly wash up upon the shore. You let the music continue instead of starting from the beginning and now you see why. The monks chanting for the first few days and now the waves on the ocean and the whale song confirms to you that information that you have been bringing in this week- the information that has been there all along. You needed the solitude this winter to clear out the old energy. the fears and doubts and all the emotions still held in your body and your heart and mind. We can show you the potential. you can see it in a movie( Celestine Prophecy) but YOU have to put it into action. You have to feel and believe and KNOW that you are in the flow of energy. No one can put you there- make it happen for you- you alone do that- you the individual.

You are the first wave, many have come before you- the older generations, the ones who have passed on were their first wavers. Now you share YOUR wisdom, your understanding of the world and this time and what potential we all have for the future. 

You see the sparks of understanding – the awakening of the second and third wavers. You get the call, the text, the email, the questions and now you can share all of the things you learned along the way. Be mindful of what reality your are keeping alive, what energy is flowing through you. Personal environment and in the information you are putting out. 

The mind control of the masses has been VERY effective. masterful like any group that has been brainwashed and manipulated the unwinding and releasing process needs to be done in the right way. Gently, slowly, carefully so you don’t break the psyche. Shoving the information at them forcing them to see, will never work. Simply show a potential, a new way or new prospective on how to live life in harmony with the energy around you.  
The vision in the mind’s eye – you see it unfolding- you can see and understand so much from the different perspective- from a non linear time and conscious awareness. You see from a limitless perspective. It is hard to describe because the translation to word is almost impossible. Just know you get it- you see the Creator’s vision of the future. don’t limit or diminish it by the need to put it all in a nice neat package. 

Dream the dream- see the vison- see the potential and put it into action. By over thinking , over planning, you diminsh the energy and stop the flow of creation. Too many questions,how? when ? why ?  just know it already exists in the other dimensions in the non linear time- it always has because  you dreamed it in a long time ago. Hold the vision, all the visions we have shown you this week, and over the years. They have not changed, you saw them then. 

The difference now is that you are allowing others to assist. You are letting in the others who have have come and are still to come to help bring the vision into this present reality. Don’t get lost in the details, hold the vision, do what you can do now and know so much more will be unfolding in the next few months. The season of renewal – the spring time, when the warmth returns to the Earth and the new seeds can be sown and the new beginnings can happen. Rebirth and renewal on levels you can’t even imagine. 

It will be a dance through the many potentials, many possibilities. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions and allow others to assist with their skills and abilities. It takes a community, a crew to make it all happen and they are on their way. they too had the vision and wait for the right time to come forward. 

You have two places. one to grow- to be a place of local community- to share ceremony and classes and garden and creativity. The other to share the knowledge of the stars, the earth , the inner earth. To share the higher dimensions with the ones who are ready. A safe and sacred space to go for Ceremony and connection to the Spirit from the higher dimensions. Both places are part of your vision. you know its time- put both visions together  as one- Create the vision of the future. so simple and so beautiful . 

It is all unfolding as it is meant to, as your life has been unfolding. The personal growth the spiritual growth and the planetary collective growth. so many lessons so many opportunities on so many levels. Earth Star is a place of healing and activation. a first step toward the next level of activation. the connection to the next level of understanding the earth, inner earth and star connection we have. you had it all there from the very beginning. you saw that it was a holy space that area has been  place of ceremony for eons. The time when the glaciers melted and the people returned to the valley ( you) The time of the Celts who travelled through the rocky mountains for ceremony in the sacred places. yes Delphinia existed then and they knew could go to connect- shamballa too. its been there just in a protected space. protected until the time when it was safe to come back out.

We could not show you the entire picture- it would have been too overwhelming for you- too much to digest all at once. we needed you to feel the space that is what you do best. feel the energy of the space- we gave you the dreams and the visions of that area and then we slowly gave you the details, the history, the connection that you have through Ceremony and understanding in pieces so you could put it all together- put the plan into action. so many came to that place- the elders and the medicine people and your friends because they felt the energy saw the past history and the future potential. 

Now it the time to put it into play. Do not be distracted by what goes on around you the Spirits of the land- the kapippila oyate are there to help and hold the energy of both spaces. you will be the guide the on earth spirit guide for those who seek a conneciton with the higher dimensions like walking through the veil- you are there to assist them to find the door the passage way to the next dimension. you have always been the way shower the guide they just were not ready yet. 
now they will be ready

earth star, the land, sacred sites off planet- starseed adventures indeed. Keep your beautiful heart connected open and receptive to the energies of the new earth. , the new era, the age of aquarius- rebirth and renewal yes christ consciousness return to planet earth it never left it was simply seeded here waiting for the spring. the time when seeds could be planted and the energy could unfold. we see the potential in others we simply need to be patient and allow them to see the dreams and vision and put them into action. 
The dream of the city in the forest inner earth not ON earth- delphinia
they went underground into the higher dimensions to be safe and to hold space for the rebirth of cc. did not choose to devolve when the energy did chose to continue to evolve into the higher dimensions
cities of light- re emerge rebirth return to the higher dimensions
time of darkness is over- last gasp
you cannot make anyone change you can only show them a potential and allow them to decide for themselves- free will directive
spring 2021 3-22-2021=3  3-21-2021=2
The new Earth collective- all of you all of us the new earth collective consciousness humanity star family spirit realm ascended masters angels 

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