Answers from the Spirit World

Answers from the Spirit World

Message from the Whales

2-25-21 5:44 am 
These dates just popped up March 4th, April Fools Day, May 26, June 18, July 4, August 5th, Sept 11, October 4, Nov 3, Dec 21

So much love in the room this morning- pure love-When I touched my heart activating my Hara, felt it so strong. Dark beings and dark energy now but a distant memory wielding no power in this new age- wash our Spirits clean, move on into the light. Renew, refresh, release the past, the pain the lingering memory of a time now ending. 

Whales and dolphins hold the codes- yes the movement and balance through the timelines, the cosmic codes of creation- the songs, the frequency, the harmonics that help hold this dimension together. The flow of time- 

Why do you feel the whales around you at this time? the clouds the whales that go before you and balance you and the road when they travel. They sing the songs of Creation to protect you and help you remember your starry origin. Whale song

The Japanese take from the whales and the dolphins. The old way of eating/taking the essence of the animal- old school to take the energy, the Soul, the essence. Still not understand that the energy is all around you. You do not take, you share the frequency and it is part of  you. 

Whales are holders of the codes. They were anchored here long ago when this planet was born- we hold the codes, the memory, the energy and frequency of your starry origin. We sing the songs- the sound as frequency travels, faster than the speed of light and encompasses all. Do not forget us- we hold the space for  you- we hold the vision of this time- New Birth, New Earth. So many pieces of the puzzle getting put together now…

There is the energy of creation and the energy of destruction your Choice. Free Will- You are part of the energy of creation. You do not understand why there are those who seek to destroy. They do not have the heart connection. The connection to all that is- they do not feel like you do- and we know that most of the time you feel too much. 

There is nothing wrong with shedding tears when you feel the connection to us- to all- it is beautiful and so hard to explain. Your mind is open , your brain is activated on levels you could not even imagine. The roads, the pathways of the brain- you can go into any direction- ask any question-( the monks are chanting again on the ipod) The monks understand the sound – the frequency- how powerful and healing and necessary it is to hold the light. 

The Codes- the whale codes hold the light. We hold the energy for the rebirth of this New Age, New Time. You know they say heaven is on earth. The frequency of heaven is now on earth . a Soul’s Journey is to go from the lowest frequency of destruction to creation. You are now in the creation phase. Creation in so many ways. 

You understand. I know it can be overwhelming when you start to see and feel all the potentials. There are so many with you now- on earth and in the other dimensions- holding the energy for you all.  When you hold someone special in your heart- feel the love- it makes you smile, you think about them and it makes your day a better day. We hold this energy for you- LOVE- 

 There are many drawn to the ocean- the sea water is conductive as you know- as you learned at Sea World.   When you sent the healing energy to the dolphins- they felt it and responded.

It is all frequency- the higher the frequency the higher dimensions you can reach. You have felt the presence of others at Chaco Canyon and other places on Earth. The power spots, the chakra points on the planet. They are there for activation- to turn the lights back on- reboot the system. You feel the presence of the other dimensions, all around you- in nature, and in Ceremony. You can  hold  the frequency of the higher dimensions- you know the Ceremony. 

Soon you will have the opportunity to do this again. It is not One time its many times because you all carry a different frequency- intention- so many will be called back to those power spots to reactivate them. There have been those who knew and tried to turn them off or take the energy but the sparks remain .You do not HAVE to go there, you could do this all from the healing room but what is the joy in that? More fun to travel and have a good adventure with friends.

Dear one you have many questions- your mind is humming with the re-connection to us- yes the whales and the wolves- the evolution of the teacher. Please remember there have been many different eras- timelines on this planet. You can’t put them all in linear time. The timelines crisscross all over the place. A time of peace and a time of war- all part of the eternal soul journey. There has been so much that has happened here and there are those who do not want you to know the truth because then you would know you are powerful eternal beings and they could not control you. 
You have the God spark within your DNA- you are Creation and Creator. We keep repeating this for others to understand. You were created for a purpose but now you are free to reconnect your energy and be the cosmic humans you were meant to be. The truth was twisted in so many ways so you would  not understand.

You can read the books but that is  not the whole story. The balance of books and life experience is necessary to fill in the blanks, find the missing pieces. We will not get into the past- we want to help you all move into the future- to help you turn on the lights in the mind and heart so you can find the answers you seek.  Those who question will find the answers but you know it takes discipline, a Ceremonial space, to raise your frequency and connect to the higher dimensions. We are not smarter or more knowledgeable than you, we just discovered the truth at an earlier time. Our  brain is activated on all levels. 

Many strive to find the answers without, in books, or with plant medicine or pharmaceutical drugs, none of that is necessary when you can access all of the answers within. We leave the codes- the messages, the awakening codes everywhere. The symbols, song, frequency energy  activation for you to find and experience. How fun it can be to go on a journey to find the truth. 
There have been many already who have given you the galactic history of Earth. No need to go back and repeat the message. It is only important to understand why you exist. The ones who defied the law of Free Will now help you to be free. Balance- Karma is simply the balance of cause and effect in the Universe, to bring balance back to a situation or action. Those who changed your form now come to help you awaken to your true potential. How amazing it is and will be when you learn about all that you can do, when all the lights are turned on so to speak. 
We bring the message  for the Universal Law of Movement and Balance. You see our movement in the ocean, so easy to move in water. Ocean water as we have said is an energy conductor. It allows us to send frequencies and codes for miles with ease. Movement and balance allows you to move in any direction at any time with ease, simply set intention and off you go. The struggle you find at this time is calming your mind- that takes practice and focus. Still the mind, calm your thoughts, and focus on one point in time, one intention at a time, easy when you practice. The monks, the ones who go into meditative states understand this principal because they move on the frequency waves. The sound waves, they can go anywhere in time with only thought or intention. 
Baby steps- don’t want to crash the ship(Star ship flown by the mind)  because  a stray or random thought popped in and took you out of focus. Now is the time to learn how to ground and focus, find the way that works the best and practice.  Be disciplined and  get better at setting intention and getting to the place you want to go. Soon it will be time to put all of this into action. Relearn your gifts and abilities. The star children have been coming in to step it up,they have the abilities as you do, but they do not have the blocks that many of you have. They will do well if they do not get shut down. Don’t stop them- listen to them- they carry the wisdom of the Masters. They carry the memories from the other side, from other lifetimes, that many of you have forgotten. Where would you be now if  you had not been told that it is all in your imagination?
So yes this is the time of letting go of all that you have been told- to release the past- unlearn all you learned in the school system- in the societal system, the control system. They made it that way so you stayed in your mind, endless rote of facts and figures to keep your mind occupied in the wrong direction. What you really needed to learn was the path to the heart. When you connect to the mind and the heart at the correct frequency you start the engine- and have the means to connect to any dimension to any time and discover the truth for yourself. 
The dark ages, dark in so many ways but also the lack of truth. The dimming of the lights, the absence of understanding your divine potential. By creating you they broke the law of free will by denying you your full potential. Now is the opportunity to understand what that is. How far you can go, to activate all your gifts and understand the creator you are. The journey home- ascension-is not a place, simply an understanding that you and creator are one. Created in his image means to have all of the same abilities and with this comes your sacred responsibility, to do no harm, to follow the Universal Laws,to help others understand the truth and help them achieve their true potential. 
So much has been given to you already but only in the lower frequencies. Yes the information you saw on the page was  a multidimensional diagram. All the planetary systems, the stars, the planets, the astrology, the ancient texts, the information is there,you just need to see it through multidimensional eyes. Stop trying so hard and just allow the vision to flow. Do not try to learn it, just see it and understand it. 
The awakening codes, encoded so you can understand them at different levels, whichever way works for you. The language of frequency,of sound and vibration of words on a page, the songs on a radio. The knowledge of how it all fits together for you. You all carry that information within. Some feel that connection to others, the star seeds, you are ALL star seeds, its your genetic lineage and you are drawn to those who woke up and understand the bigger picture. You may not all come from the same place of understanding, no right or wrong, you just feel the energy and are drawn to each other. You activate each other, awaken within the knowledge, the pieces of the puzzle. How fun it is when you come together and share, turn on the lights for others,help them find the frequency, the opportunity to travel the waves of energy, the waves that carry you anywhere you want to go. 

We are the whales and dolphins, we send the codes in frequency waves through the water, the salt water to amplify them. We send them far and wide so you can feel them and so they can unlock the doors in your mind and heart, the doors to the truth, your legacy. The codes will remain long after we are gone- they are eternal. They cannot be taken away. The song of the whales, the sounds of the dolphins of all life in the ocean. 
The song of the wolves, the birds, all hold frequency- all are messages- codes- encoded messages to help you awaken, to hold the love, the frequency for the planet. When you sing, play music, create, be mindful of what you are sending out. Let it only be  the harmonic of love. 
Yes there are frequencies created to lower your vibration, to make you sad, to take you out of your heart space but they will have no affect on the awakened ones. Beware of your thoughts, your intentions, the frequency emitted by technology and only allow the frequency of LOVE to be in your energy field. Help others to understand why this is so important. 
Double Helix- what you are told but you are actually fractal, eternal have 144 strands of DNA
Frequency of Earth Healing Harmonic- 432 hz
Whale codes and songs of whales, dolphins, wolves birds is healing and activating
Universal Law of Movement and Balance from 11:11Whales, Pleiades, Maitreya 

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